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want to use accessible captcha? here’s one way

July 20, 2007

Formsheild 2.0 makes it easy
version 2 of formshield, which makes it easy to create captchas for 2.0 based site includes the option to automaticly generate audio captchas. If you must use them then use a tool like this.


Web 2 technologies cut accessibility by 40%

June 14, 2007

That is the shocking headline from this BBC report can it really be that bad? given that various reports over tee years have put the number of sites correctly implementing WCAG1 level AA at about 10%, does a 40% reduction now mean that those dependant on access technologies should now expect to access only 6 in a hundred Websites? well if it does then it’s still 50% more accessible websites than books (4% of books produced in accessible formats) but of course it doesn’t mean that. What it means is that people like me will be spending even longer on sites looking for information before either succeeding or giving up, or that we will have to spend longer searching for an accessible source of the information we are looking for, or more likely that we will find what we are looking for but won’t know it because we aren’t alerted to page content refreshes. and it’s not just access to information, it is also about having a voice. the in pact of web2 on access to information is nothing compared to the complexities of contributing to teh ‘social’ side of the Web. Commenting on Blogg posts, contributing to Wikis and participating in interpersonal activities are among the most challenging online tasks. largely however it isn’t the so-called Web2 technoligy which is the issue, it is the Web 1 elements which are put infront of the interactive elements in the name of for example security. See for example my recent posting re the use of CAPTCHURs by Blogger.

Blooming Blogger and the infamous Capcha accessibility workaround

June 7, 2007

I just tried to post a comment on a colleagues Blogger Blog and was brought stumbling to my knees by their overly complex use of CAPTCHAs. See a run down of the issue and some good and bad examples here.