initial reaction to the free newsgator inbox 3.0

                        As have opted to make all their products for individuals free of charge – minus any support other than online user forums I’ve decided to give NG in-box a try.  In-box lets you access rss feeds via outlook rather than, in the case of their Online product, via the Web.  So far it works well, I’ve had no problems with using it with my screenreader short of some randomly labelled form fields in the initial sign-up screen.

But – there’s always a but:

I still don’t like it as much as newsgator Online – I seem to have to scan down the list of all the feeds I’m subscribed to looking (listening) for those which have new items, and as 90% of the time 95% of them don’t this takes much much longer than working with Online where I’ve ticked the box to only display feeds with new items.  Coupled with organising feeds in to folders along common themes this is a much faster way of working.


More problematic though is the fact that I have some questions about how to use, change, or modify things within Newsgator in-box – for example is there a keyboard shortcut to create a new Blog post? However in order to post to forums, or contact any of the NG staff contributing to the forums you have to register to participate on the forums.  That in itself I don’t mind however the registration process uses a visual CAPTCHA (type the figures on the picture in to this box….) which by virtue of being Blind I can’t – no audio CAPCHA here.  Thanks newsgator! – maybe time to turn to my LinkedIn network to look for a real live person at Newsgator who can answer my questions or at least do something about the “no blind persons allowed” sign on their forums.


One Response to “initial reaction to the free newsgator inbox 3.0”

  1. Nick Harris Says:

    Writing a blog post about NewsGator will also get our attention 😉

    I’m Nick Harris, the lead developer of NewsGator Inbox. I’d be happy to answer your questions. Send an email to and address it to me and we’ll get you setup in the forums as well as answer any questions.

    I’d also be interested in what fields in the welcome wizard your screen reader had problems with.


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