how’s that for service!?

A couple of weeks ago I bookmarked Revish as an interesting new information rich and user friendly book review site. Amazon et al are fine in their own way but so massive and inpersonal that it’s hard to find reliable and/or meaningful recommendations especially if you fancy something completely different rather than just another title by the same author as you bought last time. However, I had a bit of an accessibility issue. In the lists of titles reviewed each entry had a thumnail image of the book in question, a rating and the name of the reviewer. Because of the lack of an alt tag on the thumnails I couldn’t actually identify the title under review without clicking on each in turn. Very labour intensive.

Like a good little accessibility evangelist I promptly dispatched an email explaining the issue and with in ten minutes had a reply telling me the problem was resolved. Not just that it would be resolved, but that it was sorted, that all thumbnails now have their alt tags in place so I can differentiate between titles in the review lists.

You can’t beat that for a quick service.

Actually as the man behind Revish is no less than Mr Dan Champion this will be no surprise to anyone who knows Dans reputation but quality deserves recognition so:

Thanks Dan, good site, excellent customer service.

that’s just what you want to see from a developer, not that everything is perfect first time out, but that they can adapt to variations in a hurry and maintain the quality.


One Response to “how’s that for service!?”

  1. Dan Says:

    You’re very welcome sir, it was valuable feedback and needed to be fixed.

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