open source or standard conformant screenreaders

Following on from the previous post:

open source screenreaders was one area in which a number of people expressed interest. There are a number of these around in various states of maturity, se Screenreader comparisons on Wikipedia the one which is currently generating most interest and which in my own experience is quite promising is NVDA (none visual desktop access). However in terms of Web development and conformance testing I’d suggest that Firevox, the screenreader extension for Firefox is possibly the most useful thing out there. It’s user friendly for a start in that it reads the object in focus and nothing more so you’re not left grappling with trying to control the excessive verbage of Jaws, WindowEyes et al and it’s closer to a standards conformant screenreader than anything else out there.


4 Responses to “open source or standard conformant screenreaders”

  1. derrek Says:

    What screen-reader do you use to post to your blog? After making the switch from JAWS to NVDA I have barely been able to post on

  2. Derrek Says:

    Never mind. I have found that posting is much easier with Internet Explorer.

  3. دی ال دانلود Says:

    Might be your greatest blog around.

  4. How To Do Something Says:

    This post couldn’t be more factual..

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