change to US copyright law allows VIs to break DRM on E-books

This looks like good news although it is probably the case that is simply the law catching up with what most people are doing anyway. The change is that visually impaired people are now legitimately now aloud to circumvent the DRM systems on any E-books which do not incorporate screenreader or text to speach features. The difference would appear to be that previously this were only aloud on titles which did not exist in another accessible electronic format. Unsurprisingly The NFB it seems were behind the move, more interesting is that there were no objections to the proposal. Is the publishing industry waking up to the requirements of VI people? or is it easier to ignore the issue and leave the work in the hands of the reader than to tackle it at source. more info at item number 4. Lets hope this lays down a marker which the UK can follow.


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