Starting a Blogg, the Tears and the cheers.

As you might imagine, or as you possibly discovered for yourself, deciding to “do” a Blogg is the easy part (no surprise). I expect that always having something interesting to say will be a bit more tricky, but I wasn’t quite prepared for was the complexity of actually signing up for and setting up the whole shabang. Or at least thats how it felt whenbattling with my screenreader of choice and – maybe they’re just having a bad day which would account for all the “page not found” errors after completing registration forms and slowness of Emails, but the audible capchure process was most unpleasant too. So I hit the search engines to look for an alternative and ended up here at WordPress. A completely different story. I’ve signed-up, fiddled around with settings and designs (all bee it that there’s more to do still obviously), and am already on my second post all within considerably less than half n hour. So the moral of the story, if you want an accessible Blogg – use WordPress not Blogger.


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